Complex Heart Procedures and Interventional Services

The North Memorial Difference

North Memorial has the expertise and superior technology to provide advanced interventional procedures for accurate diagnosis and treatment of heart disease. These procedures include

Angioplasty and Coronary Artery Stenting
Angioplasty and coronary stenting are procedures performed to open areas of blockage in the heart arteries. These procedures are done routinely on a non-emergent basis scheduled by your physician. At the time of the heart catheterization, your physician will review the pictures while you are still sedated and determine if a balloon and/or stent is needed to fix a blockage.

Cardiac Electrophysiology and Ablation

Cardiac electrophysiology studies are a useful tool to diagnose heart rhythm abnormalities and/or an arrhythmia. Cardiac ablation is the procedure performed to correct a heart rhythm abnormality and/or arrhythmia with the use of high heat that is delivered through a catheter that is placed in your vein to the heart tissue. This process is used to eliminate the undesirable heart rhythm.

Atrial Septal Defects and Patent Foramen Ovale
Atrial septal defects (ASDs) and patent foramen ovales (PFOs) are openings found between two separate chambers of the heart. When these areas do no close, typically will close before or shortly after birth in most people, they can cause problems and will need to be surgically fixed. The closure of this opening involves the insertion of a catheter into the vein near the hip area. Through the catheter, a specialized device is advanced into the heart and released to close the opening.

This service is available at the following locations:

Heart & Vascular Institute

Heart & Vascular Institute

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