North Memorial Upgrades daVinci Capabilities

by North Memorial

North Memorial has acquired the latest upgrade to the daVinci surgical system. DaVinci, which allows surgery to be performed robotically, is designed to facilitate complex surgery using a minimally invasive approach. The new upgrade, which is expected to arrive by the end of this week, will be especially useful for surgeries such as colorectal, cardiac, ENT/oral and maxillofacial surgery, GYN, urology and thoracic.

The upgrade also allows for the capability of robotic single site surgery, currently approved by the FDA for cholecystectomies (removal of the gall bladder). For urology nephrectomies (kidney removal), the new daVinci will be utilized to identify tumor margins and blood flow to the kidney, resulting in a more successful partial nephrectomy rather than a total nephrectomy.

North Memorial has expanded its robotic services in other areas as well. In January, Dr. Sandy Engwall, general surgeon, performed the first single port robotic cholecycstectomy. Compared to classic laparoscopic technique, this technique allows the instruments to be placed through a single incision decreasing the potential for injury to the cystic duct.  

Dr. Mark Solfelt has utilized our new minimally invasive, robotic technology to complete our first thoracotomy, with exceptional results. The patient experienced a shorter surgical experience and a quicker impatient recovery, with the minimally invasive approach.  North Memorial Medical Center is one of only three hospitals in the greater Twin Cities area to complete minimally invasive, robotic assisted thoracic surgery to support the surgical care needs of our patients.

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