North Memorial Adds New GPS-Like Bronchoscopy Procedure

by North Memorial

Bronchoscopy IllustrationNorth Memorial’s lung cancer program has added new state-of-the-art bronchoscopy technology that will allow pulmonologists and thoracic surgeons to more easily reach small lung lesions. The first procedure was performed by Mark Solfelt, MD, a thoracic surgeon at North Memorial.

The technology, known as electromagnetic navigation bronchoscopy (ENB), transforms traditional bronchoscopy into a high-tech outpatient procedure. ENB uses GPS-like technology to navigate a unique set of catheters to a lesion deep in the lungs. The electromagnetic system guides and steers the unique catheters through complex airways beyond the reach of a traditional bronchoscope.

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Julie Febres

Once you have reached the lesion with ENB what happens? What if a
person is diagnosed as having metastatic lung cancer that doctors have
found after tumors were removed from one's colon but seems to have
now spread to other organs? Is this a procedure for an elderly person, and what would the benefits be?

North Memorial

Thanks for your question about ENB. Once the lesion is reached, a tissue sample can be removed and tested. The procedure is an alternative to other methods of lung biopsy and aids in diagnosis of lung cancer. Early detection of lung significantly improves patient outcomes. The company that developed the technology offers some addition information on its website: Whether or not one is a candidate for this procedure must be determined by one's physician.

Sorry, we must encourage you to speak with your physician regarding your other inquiries.

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