Three Ways to Improve Your Health with Exercise

If you've felt too intimidated to begin an exercise plan, you've come to the right place. Getting in shape doesn't have to be complicated, but a good fitness plan does include different types of activity. These three types of exercise will improve the way your body moves and increase the number of calories that your body burns even when you are at rest. The result? You'll feel better and have more energy to do the things that you enjoy doing. You will also decrease your risk of disease, and find yourself one step closer to reaching and staying at your goal weight.

Three Types of Exercise

  1. Aerobic Activity. Aerobic exercise gets your heart beating faster and your lungs breathing deeper. Walking, jogging, biking, swimming and any activity that raises your heart rate is called "aerobic" activity. If painful joints prevent you from being active, call one of our exercise specialists for more help.

    Watch a video about how to start an aerobic exercise program.

  2. Strength Training. Strength training, sometimes called weight lifting, helps to improve the way your body moves during daily activities. Simple tasks like carrying groceries, gardening and housecleaning are easier to do when the muscles are in good shape. Strength training is especially important for people as they age. No fancy equipment is needed to begin.

    Watch a video about how to start a strength training program.

  3. Flexibility Training. Stretching is another word for flexibility training. Stretching helps to improve the movement in your joints, decreases stress, and improves the way your body feels during the day.

    Watch a video about how to start a stretching program.

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