Quality and Performance

At North Memorial, our Emergency Department exceeds national best practice levels for quality of care, turn-around times and patient satisfaction. For example, recent initiatives have helped us process lab results in less time than the national average, allowing caregivers to more quickly assess a patient's condition and render appropriate treatment. And for cardiac patients, we've taken steps to streamline access to the catheterization lab - expediting care and improving outcomes. In addition:

  • North Memorial exceeds the national average of door-to-balloon time for individuals suffering a heart attack. On average, we are able to open the artery within 43 minutes of a patient’s arrival.
  • North Memorial’s mortality rate from septic shock is between 12 and 19%, significantly less than the national average of 25%.
  • North Memorial has been using tPA, thrombolytic (clot busting drugs) to open blocked arteries in the brains of patients suffering a stroke for 13 years, dramatically increasing the number of patients we are able to treat.
  • North Memorial Medical Center was verified by the ACS as a Level I Trauma Center in 1998. In 2011 the Medical Center earned verification as a Level II Pediatric Trauma Center.