Pulmonary Rehabilitation

North Wind'rs

Our accredited pulmonary rehabilitation program, North Wind'rs, provides monitored exercise, education and support to those with chronic lung conditions.  A multidisciplinary team of respiratory therapists, dieticians, and physicians individualize each patient's treatment plan to meet his/her goals. 

This program helps patients understand their disease, begins the process of reconditioning their muscles, and trains them proper breathing techniques to improve stamina for a more active life. 

Contact North Wind'rs at 763-581-4297.

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Goals and Outcomes of Pulmnary Rehabilitation

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Healthcare professionals, please call 763-581-4297 and provide your patient’s name, phone number, provider's name and diagnosis.

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Pulmonary rehabilitation is available at:

North Memorial Medical Center

North Memorial Medical Center

3300 Oakdale Avenue North
Robbinsdale, Minnesota
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