Email a Patient

We are happy to deliver email greetings to patients staying at North Memorial Medical Center. Our Volunteer Services Department will print your email message and then deliver it to the patient.

Delivery Information

Email messages are delivered Monday through Friday. Messages received after 1 p.m. may not be delivered until the next business day.

Please be sure to spell the patient's first and last name correctly (no nicknames), and include a room number or unit. You can call 763-520-5200 to confirm your patient's location. Sorry, our volunteers do not deliver messages to patients at the following locations:

  • Primary care, specialty care or urgent care clinics
  • Emergency Department
  • Maple Grove Hospital


Please remember that email messages are not secure. Members of our volunteer staff will see your message. We maintain the right not to deliver messages that are deemed inappropriate. Due to some sensitivity and confidentiality requirements, email messages will not be delivered to certain units and patients.

If you have a question about emailing a patient, please contact us.

Click here to send your message.