Healthy Connections

Connect with us at North Memorial and let us guide you on your path to better health. By surrounding yourself with people who support your weight loss goals, you’ll improve your chances of weight loss success.

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Weight Loss Services at North Memorial

North Memorial primary care providers, registered dietitians, exercise specialists, and behavioral health professionals will help you to plan your weight loss program and help you to stay on track throughout the process. Be sure to check with your insurance provider to see what services are covered.

  • Primary Care Providers - Visit your primary care provider to get started on the path to weight loss success. Your provider can provide referrals to a registered dietitian, behavioral health specialist, or exercise specialist. If you do not currently see a primary care provider, visit our list of owned and affiliated primary care clinics.
  • Registered Dietitian - A registered dietitian can work with you to develop an eating plan that meets your specific needs and lifestyle. They can also help you to conquer challenges that come up along the way. Visit your primary care provider to get a referral.
  • Behavioral Health Services - A behavioral health specialist can help you to address some of the challenges that you may confront on your journey to better health. Visit your primary care provider to get a referral.

  • Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery Program - North Memorial Medical Center offers an integrated bariatric surgery program to provide comprehensive care, management and planning for surgical weight loss for qualified patients. Click here to learn more.
  • Institute for Athletic Medicine - Get started on an exercise program with an expert from the Institute for Athletic Medicine. They can develop a program based on your specific needs or limitations. Visit your primary care provider to get a referral.

Helpful Links - Fitness for those whose physical condition, restricted mobility, or age, limits their participation in conventional forms of exercise.

Heartfelt Yoga DVDs - Especially designed for full-bodied people allowing for complete stretching and body renewal. - Fitness fun for everyone and every age. There’s nothing complicated to learn and you don’t need fancy equipment.