Humphrey Cancer Center - Robbinsdale

North Memorial cancer care programs are among the best with for over 40 years of providing compassionate, top-quality, individualized treatment.


The Humphrey Cancer Center is currently treating or following more than 20,000 people diagnosed with cancer. Hope Chest Breast Center continuously receives a 100% from patient surveyed on their willingness to recommend the care program and site facilities.

Care Team

The North Memorial cancer care team is skilled across disciplines to provide treatment programs that are specific to the patient and the diagnosis. Advanced technologies and treatment regimens are supported by education, genetic counseling, prevention and rehabilitation services.


Humphrey Cancer Center and Hope Chest Breast Center are designed on a single site providing state of the art facilities for care and resources that ensure tranquil comfort to meet the diverse needs of people experiencing cancer and cancer treatment.


We combine the cutting edge technology and treatment with a holisitc approach to treating cancer and caring for the whole person. Supplemental therapies include:

  • Acupuncture
  • Massage
  • Pain management