Why a Maternal-Fetal Medicine Referral May be Ordered

One may be referred to a maternal-fetal medicine specialist for any of the following reasons:

  • You will be 35 years old or older when your baby is born (sometimes called advanced maternal age).
  • You have a complex medical condition such as high blood pressure, heart or kidney disease, or an autoimmune disorder.
  • You have been exposed to specific infections in the pregnancy.
  • You have had an exposure to a teratogen in pregnancy (e.g. alcohol, drugs, chemicals).
  • Your health care providers have identified abnormalities on ultrasound in a current pregnancy.
  • You have had a screening test for genetic conditions that came back abnormal (i.e. first trimester screen, QUAD screen).
  • You have diabetes or develop it during pregnancy (pregnancy induced diabetes).
  • You have a family history of genetic/hereditary concerns.
  • You are carrying more than one baby (e.g. twins or triplets).
  • Your pregnancy is not progressing as expected (incompetent cervix, preterm labor, premature rupture of the membranes).
  • You’ve had a previous preterm (premature) delivery.
  • You’ve had complications during a previous pregnancy (recurrent pregnancy loss).

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