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Volunteering at North Memorial

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Thank you again for your interest in volunteering with us at North Memorial. We invite you to find out more about volunteering by looking over our frequently asked questions and reviewing our five-step process below for becoming a volunteer.

Hospice Volunteers

For information about volunteering for our Hospice program, please call 763-581-9365.

SafeJourney Volunteers

For information about volunteering for SafeJourney, North Memorial's domestic abuse program, please call 763-581-3942.

Four Steps to Becoming a Volunteer

STEP 1: Review Our Requirements for Volunteering

Before completing an application, we ask that you review the following requirements for volunteering with us. These are the minimum requirements for becoming a volunteer. Because of the seriousness of volunteering in a health care setting, the screening process and training are extensive. Applicants that do not or cannot meet these requirements will not be considered for volunteer work.

Requirements Include:

  • A sincere desire to help others and provide service to North Memorial Medical Center.
  • A commitment to volunteer at least one three or four-hour shift each week for six months or a total of at least 60 hours after orientation in one semester or one summer.
  • Being interviewed for a position.
  • Attending and completing a two and a half hour volunteer orientation.
  • The completion and passing of a criminal background check.
  • Providing proof of immunization or immunity to measles and rubella. If immunization records can’t be found, it may be necessary to repeat some of the shots or arrange for blood tests to determine immunity.  You may try obtaining these records from your doctors office, high school, former employer or in your family records.
  • Obtaining and wearing a volunteer uniform ($15 deposit).

STEP 2: Application

After looking over our opportunities and requirements, we invite you to apply for a volunteer position. Please click on the age appropriate application link:

Adult (18 and older out of high school)

Junior (ages 15-18 still in high school)

Hospice Volunteer (ages 21 and older)

Once your application is received, it will be reviewed. If your qualifications, background and availability indicate a match to the position(s) we have available, you will be contacted by one of our Volunteer Services staff for more information and a pre-screening phone interview.

STEP 3: Individual Interview

During the pre-screening phone interview we will talk about your availability, interests, and qualifications and then set up an in-person interview within two weeks. The in-person interview gives you a chance to discuss your application, your schedule and your specific volunteer interests, as well as the opportunities we currently have available that would be suitable for you.

Background Check
All adult applicants will need to pass a Minnesota Department of Human Services Background Study and other investigative reports. You will be given forms to complete and sign when you come in to the office for your in-person interview.

Once it has been determined that your interests, skills and availability are a match for one of our volunteer positions, we will submit your background forms for processing.

STEP 4: Hospital Orientation

When we find a position that is a good fit for you, you will be offered the position.  You will then need to attend a general volunteer orientation and position specific training.  Orientations include a tour and information on hospital policies and procedures.

More Information

If you have any questions, please email the Volunteer Services Office at or you may call us at 763-581-3920.

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