Student-led T2T Campaign Aims to Discourage Teen Alcohol and Drug Use

It’s prom season. And in addition to picking out dresses and ordering tuxes, students from the northwest metro have been implementing an innovative campaign to get parents and teens talking about underage drinking. Bright pink signs with “T2T” on them are starting to pop up across the northwest suburbs. It’s all part of an effort, spearheaded by a North Memorial program called Partnership for Change, which focuses on preventing underage drinking and drug use.

On Monday, April 15, the T2T campaign will kick off at Maple Grove High School with student leaders rallying other students to participate by handing out signs and promoting the campaign as they dismiss from school.  What does T2T mean? Over the next several weeks, a new T2T message will be revealed through the campaign’s Facebook and Twitter accounts.  The first week’s message is ‘Time to Team Up.’

Teen drinking and drug use too often is considered to be a teenage cultural norm on prom night and graduation. The T2T campaign along with Partnership for Change focuses  attention on providing practical solutions to prevent teen drinking and drug use during this spring season.

“This is the second year we have conducted this campaign and the support has been overwhelming,” said Brenda Badger, Partnership for Change Coordinator. “Teen drinking and drug use is too often considered to be a part of prom night and graduation – this campaign aims to change that.”

Students and community members have already been spreading the message throughout the community through lawn signs, flyers, website, and social media. The schools involved in the campaign include Maple Grove Senior High, Osseo Senior High, Park Center Senior High, Brooklyn Center Senior High School, Robbinsdale Cooper High School and Robbinsdale Armstrong High School.

“Yard signs have popped up all over the community, including in residents’ yards and at local businesses,” said Badger. “The campaign is really gaining momentum.”
Badger also adds that the overall goal of Partnership for Change is to help mobilize parents, youth and community leaders to take a stand against teen drug and alcohol use in Northwest Hennepin County. “In the end we hope to protect the health of the families in our communities and ultimately save lives.”