North Memorial Clinic provides comprehensive family medicine for people at every stage of life. This care is complemented by on-site specialty services and procedures that address additional care needs.  Referral to other specialty care and hospital services is also readily available.

Internal Medicine

Internal Medicine is a medical specialty that addresses multiple and complex chronic conditions common to adult patients, such as cardiac issues, diabetes, obesity, and hypertension. North Memorial’s practice focuses on the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of these and other conditions.


North Memorial's six board-certified gastroenterologists -- specialists in the early detection of colon cancer and other digestive tract concerns -- diagnose and treat a wide range of conditions.


From podiatric consultation to foot and ankle surgery, North Memorial’s podiatry services are available at 11 clinics across the metro.

Diabetes Education

At North Memorial, you will receive personalized information and guidance from our staff of physicians, registered dietitians and nurses who are certified diabetes educators and physician assistants with expertise in diabetes management. Call (763) 581-5850 to learn more.

Women's Health - Primary Care

From early stages of adolescence through graceful aging, we are familiar with all stages of women’s health.  Our patients also have access to specialists depending on their unique needs.  Overall, a trusted relationship with your primary care professional avails a trusted resource for addressing common and emerging conditions.

Men's Health - Primary Care

Primary care addresses health and wellness at every stage of life.  From mere routine care to the management of complex or chronic conditions common in older men, North Memorial family providers are experienced in treating the full range of men’s health concerns.

Ear, Nose & Throat

While it is common to routinely check the eyes, nasal area and throat in any routine physical, your North Memorial primary care provider can also refer you to an ear, nose and throat specialist depending on the complexity of your condition.

Urgent Care

North Memorial’s Urgent Care is staffed by medical doctors and advanced practice providers.  We treat a wide range of conditions requiring urgent attention, from colds to broken bones.

Weight Loss - Primary Care

Weight management is essential for short- and long-term well being.  Proper nutrition and exercise both contribute to the achievement and maintenance of appropriate weight.  Your North Memorial health professional helps you manage weight and other associated indicators such as BMI (body mass index) blood sugar (glucose) levels, and blood pressure that together are important to manage at healthy levels.  North Memorial also offers a weight loss blog that provides multiple insights on weight management.


Each North Memorial Clinic site offers on-site lab services.  This service saves time and offers the convenience, safety and confidentiality of on-site testing and review.  Typical lab services address general health screenings, pregnancy testing, diabetes work, cancer screens and more.