North Memorial Home & Community Services meets your care needs as you live in the place that you call home. Our compassionate,experienced team has been serving local families for over 30 years.

Home Health

North Memorial Home Care provides patient care in the comfort of one's own home or assisted living environment. We believe in a coordinate approach to care and work together with the patient, family and doctor to create a care plan that meets the patient's needs.


Life experiences such a a terminal illness, dying, and death are often the most challenging that people face. Such experiences can result in people feeling like they have lost control of their life story. By providing knowledge, comfort, and support, North Memorial Hospice assists patients and their loved ones in continuing to be the authors of their life stories.

Home Infusion Services

A partnership with Fairview Home Infusion, North Memorial Home Infusion provides the intravenous (IV) administration of medicines and nutrition for patients with a wide range of health concerns including pain management, dehydration, nutrition deficiencies, infections, diabetes or cancer – in the comfort and convenience of their home.

TotalCare for Seniors

North Memorial Health Care, well-known for our expertise in caring for seniors, now offers TotalCare. Through TotalCare, our geriatric specialists work with patients and their families to give seniors the best possible healthcare in long-term care, transitional care, assisted living and hospice settings to prevent unnecessary hospitalizations.

Geriatric Care

At North Memorial, we understand that the elderly need a wide range of specialized care, from daily management of chronic conditions to end of life care. That’s why we’ve created a unique model of care with the goal of breaking the readmission cycle that often affects the elderly.

North Memorial Connect

North Memorial Connect is a medical alert service that provides products that call for help when you or a loved one has an injury, medical event, or safety issue. Events, such as falls, are monitored and reported around-the-clock.

Palliative Home Health Care

North Memorial’s Palliative Home Health Care helps individuals with advanced or serious diseases experience the best possible quality of life possible. We provide palliative care throughout the course of an illness and at any stage in any illness.

Grief & Loss Support

Experiencing the death of a loved one is disorienting and extremely difficult for many people trying to cope. We understand the struggle with grief can be lonely and we’re here to help.