From prevention to cardiac rehabilitation, North Memorial’s Heart & Vascular Institute provides the full spectrum of cardiovascular care.

Cardiac CT Angiography

A coronary computed tomography angiogram (CTA) uses advanced CT technology along with intravenous dye to obtain high-resolution three-dimensional pictures of the moving heart and great vessels to detect blockages.

Cardiac Nuclear Medicine

A nuclear stress test is a diagnostic tool used to measure blood flow to the heart muscle at rest and during stress, via a treadmill or medicine, with the use of a radioactive tracer.

Cardiac PET

A heart positron emission tomography (PET) scan is a diagnostic tool that produces three-dimensional images of the heart to detect poor blood flow, heart damage and/or scar tissue in the heart with the use of a radioactive isotope. Cardiac PET is only offered at our Robbinsdale clinic location.

Cardiac Rehabilitation

Our accredited cardiac rehabilitation program provides monitored exercise, education and support to those recovering from heart surgery, heart attack, angioplasty/stent placement and other heart conditions. A multidisciplinary team of registered nurses, cardiac exercise specialists and a dietician allows each patient’s treatment plan to be individualized to meet his/her specific goals and is overseen by a cardiologist.

Cardiothoracic Surgery

North Memorial’s Heart and Vascular Institute cardiothoracic surgeons are skilled and experienced in performing complex operations inside the chest, for example, coronary bypass grafting, valve surgery, aneurysm repair, etc.

Cardiology Clinic Services

North Memorial Heart & Vascular Institute offers its patient's choices in providing outstanding, innovative heart and vascular care at North Memorial Medical Center, Maple Grove Hospital and our four cardiology clinics. Our team of cardiologists and advanced practice providers offer preventative care, treatment of cardiac risk factors, coronary artery disease management, pacemaker interrogation, anticoagulation monitoring and additional specialty services at many of our locations.


An echocardiogram is a type of ultrasound test that uses sound waves to produce images of the heart’s structures, pumping function and direction of blood flow. We offer same or next day scheduling of outpatient and inpatient echocardiography (EKG) when available.

Emergency Heart Attack Care

North Memorial’s Emergency Department and Heart & Vascular Institute, together, provide emergency heart attack care that ranks among the top 5 percent of hospitals in the nation. The primary goal during a heart attack is to open a blocked artery as soon as possible with a specialized balloon and/or stent. The faster the artery is opened, the better the outcome for the patient. The national average for this “door-to-balloon” time is 90 minutes. At North Memorial our average is 45 minutes.

Stress Testing

A cardiac stress test is a diagnostic tool used to measure adequate blood flow to the heart muscle, assess arrhythmias, check ones' functional capacity and evaluate heart rate and/or blood pressure response to exercise. Stimulation may be achieved via exercise on a treadmill or with IV medication and may be paired with imaging procedures, for example, echocardiogram or nuclear medicine.

Vascular Ultrasound

Vascular ultrasound is a non-invasive procedure that uses sound waves to examine blood flow within the arteries and veins. North Memorial Heart and Vascular Institute offers vascular ultrasound services at our four clinic locations and three outreach locations.

Endovenous Laser Treatment (EVLT) for Varicose Veins

North Memorial Heart & Vascular Institute offers vascular ultrasound evaluation for patients experiencing symptomatic varicose veins or venous insufficiencies, a condition in which the veins have problems sending blood from the legs back to the heart. If treatment is recommended, our interventional cardiologists use the latest technology known as Endovenous Laser Treatment (EVLT). This procedure may be complimented with sclerotherapy and/or microphlebectomy.