North Memorial Clinic provides comprehensive family medicine for people at every stage of life. This care is complemented by on-site specialty services and procedures that address additional care needs.  Referral to other specialty care and hospital services is also readily available.


An acupuncturist is available to provide treatment at any point during your treatment. Acupuncture may help to relieve side effects, such as nausea, pain, hot flashes or anxiety, that’s caused by your diagnosis and treatment.


At North Memorial Clinic, Golden Valley, we offer acupuncture in a convenient outpatient setting as a treatment option for a number of conditions ranging from pain and headaches to asthma and arthritis.

Acute Concussion Clinic

North Memorial Trauma Services offers an Acute Concussion Clinic that serves individuals who have ongoing symptoms related to a concussion within the past 30 days.

Advance Care Planning

Advance care planning helps patients explore and document their preferences regarding their healthcare should they be unable to express them at any future point in time.

Advanced Diagnostic Imaging Services

From EKGs to stress tests and cardiac PET scans, our advanced diagnostic imaging services are state of the art and offered at several clinics for your convenience.

Air Care

North Memorial’s tradition of remarkable care is consistent, whether on the ground or in the air. With bases in Bemidji, Brainerd, Princeton, Redwood Falls and Lakeville, Air Care, our medical flight transport service, can respond 24/7 to all of Minnesota and portions of Wisconisin, Iowa and the Dakotas. Read more.

Ambulance Services

North Memorial Ambulance Services operates a fleet of 120 ambulances that respond to more than 85,000 request for service each year. We have nine ambulance regions across Minnesota and western Wisconsin. Read more...

Anterior Hip Replacement

At North Memorial, we’re leading the way in anterior hip replacement – a new type of hip replacement surgery that is less invasive than traditional total hip replacement. Our surgeons have performed more anterior total hips than any other hospital in the state.

Aroma Therapy

Aromatherapy is the use of aromatic essential oils to positively influence the mind and body, as well as to enhance our emotional and physical well-being. Essential oils are used as an alternative therapeutic modality.

Balance Center

Balance retraining through physical therapy has been proven to reduce the number of falls in adults.

Breast Health

Breast care is an important part of a woman's overall health. North Memorial offers the expertise and support for women making decisions about their breast care.

Breast Milk Depot

For various reasons, a mother may not always be able to produce breast milk for her baby. North Memorial Medical Center’s breast milk depot makes it possible for women with an ample supply of breast milk to share that gift with an infant in need.


North Memorial Medical Center is the only hospital in Minnesota to offer an inpatient unit specifically designed to address the acute care needs of frail, aging adults.

Cancer Education & Support

We know a cancer diagnosis not only affects you but also your family. That’s why we offer patient-family education services and support groups, including Cancer Caregiver's Group, and a Cancer & the Family Series for adults, children and teens. Read more...

Cancer Prevention and Early Detection

It's important to detect cancer early, when treatment has the best chance for a cure. We work with primary care and specialty physicians to help you learn about steps you can take to prevent cancer and how to detect it. Read more...

Cancer Registry

The Cancer Registry collects information on those diagnosed with cancer such as diagnosis, extent of disease, treatment and outcomes for each cancer patient. With this information, we can aid in achieving the goal of prevention, control and eradication of cancer.

Cancer Treatment

When you’ve been diagnosed with cancer, you want to feel assured you are getting the best care in the right environment. At North Memorial Humphrey Cancer Center, our cancer program is on par with the best.

Cardiac CT Angiography

A coronary computed tomography angiogram (CTA) uses advanced CT technology along with intravenous dye to obtain high-resolution three-dimensional pictures of the moving heart and great vessels to detect blockages.

Cardiac Nuclear Medicine

A nuclear stress test is a diagnostic tool used to measure blood flow to the heart muscle at rest and during stress, via a treadmill or medicine, with the use of a radioactive tracer.

Cardiac PET

A heart positron emission tomography (PET) scan is a diagnostic tool that produces three-dimensional images of the heart to detect poor blood flow, heart damage and/or scar tissue in the heart with the use of a radioactive isotope. Cardiac PET is only offered at our Robbinsdale clinic location.

Cardiac Rehabilitation

Our accredited cardiac rehabilitation program provides monitored exercise, education and support to those recovering from heart surgery, heart attack, angioplasty/stent placement and other heart conditions. A multidisciplinary team of registered nurses, cardiac exercise specialists and a dietician allows each patient’s treatment plan to be individualized to meet his/her specific goals and is overseen by a cardiologist.

Cardiology Clinic Services

North Memorial Heart & Vascular Institute offers its patient's choices in providing outstanding, innovative heart and vascular care at North Memorial Medical Center, Maple Grove Hospital and our four cardiology clinics. Our team of cardiologists and advanced practice providers offer preventative care, treatment of cardiac risk factors, coronary artery disease management, pacemaker interrogation, anticoagulation monitoring and additional specialty services at many of our locations.

Cardiothoracic Surgery

North Memorial’s Heart and Vascular Institute cardiothoracic surgeons are skilled and experienced in performing complex operations inside the chest, for example, coronary bypass grafting, valve surgery, aneurysm repair, etc.

Caregiver Support Group

This is a time just for the care partners of stroke survivors. Please consider joining us if you need to learn more about how to care for your loved one, feel you want support from others that are walking a similar path or just curious. Groups meet the third Wednesday of each month in the Stroke Center at North Memorial Medical Center in Robbinsdale (Plaza Level, near the hospital atrium). Pre-registration not required, however, if you have questions feel free to contact us at 763-581-3650.

Clinical Research

If you and your physician decide that a clinical trial is in your best interest, we can facilitate your access to clinical studies. These trials are strictly controlled studies of new and upcoming therapies that try to answer scientific questions and to find better ways to prevent, diagnose or treat cancer. Ask your doctor if any clinical trials apply to you.

Computed Tomography - CT

CT scans create detailed images of the body's soft tissue, including blood vessels, muscle tissue and organs. The CT department provides advanced multi-slice scanning abilities to produce cross-sectional images of the body.

North Memorial’s 16-slice and 64-slice CT are accredited by the American College of Radiology.

Concussion Management - Sports Medicine

Concussion diagnoses in sports are becoming more and more prevalent.  In assessing the likelihood of a concussion injury, North Memorial Sports Medicine health professionals work closely with North Memorial Occupational Therapists/Physical Therapist to conduct pre- and post-concussion testing.  This collaboration provides important insight that is used to monitor the patient’s current or long-term performance concerns.

Constraint Induced Movement Therapy

Constraint Induced Movement Therapy (CIMT) is a two-week intensive therapy program for stroke survivors that helps increase arm and hand function. Research has shown that if encouraging the use of the affected extremity to perform activities graded by the occupational therapist, results in increased ability to use the arm and hand for daily activities. For more information, call 763-581-3522.

da Vinci Robot Assisted Surgery

The da Vinci® advanced surgical systems allow surgeons to perform delicate and complex operations through just a few small incisions. Surgeons view the surgical site through a sophisticated vision system that enables them to see a patient’s anatomy magnified in high definition and 3D.


North Memorial partners with Clarus Dermatology to provide Dermatology services. Clarus Dermatology specializes in medical, surgical and cosmetic dermatology. Lead by board-certified Dermatologists, Dr. Neil Shah, MD and Dr. Craig Roelke. Dermatology services include acne treatment and scar repair, skin cancer treatment and facial reconstructive surgery.

Appointments are available at Rockford Road .  Dr. Craig Roelke should also be added as a dermatologist with Clarus

Diabetes Education

At North Memorial, you will receive personalized information and guidance from our staff of physicians, registered dietitians and nurses who are certified diabetes educators and physician assistants with expertise in diabetes management. Call (763) 581-5850 to learn more.


Lumbar or cervical discogram is a pre-surgical diagnostic study used to determine if your pain is generated by a disc. The study is designed to provide a pain "road map" and can help your doctor decide whether or not surgery is necessary. You will be given light sedation and x-ray guidance will be used to assure accurate placement of the needle. After proper placement has been established, x-ray contrast is injected into the disc. The pressure in the disc is monitored and recorded during the injection. A report will be sent to your physician as soon as possible and a recommended course of treatment will be decided by your referring physician.

Ear, Nose & Throat

While it is common to routinely check the eyes, nasal area and throat in any routine physical, your North Memorial primary care provider can also refer you to an ear, nose and throat specialist depending on the complexity of your condition.


An echocardiogram is a type of ultrasound test that uses sound waves to produce images of the heart’s structures, pumping function and direction of blood flow. We offer same or next day scheduling of outpatient and inpatient echocardiography (EKG) when available.

Emergency and Acute Inpatient Stroke Care

A multidisciplinary team specially trained in stroke care guides the patient through the acute phase of stroke treatment. In addition to medical and nursing staff, the team includes imaging specialists; pharmacists; physical, occupational,and speech therapists; and discharge planners. Inpatient care is provided by our specialty neuro critical care and neuroscience unit staff.

Emergency Department

The board-certified emergency physicians and nurses in our Emergency Department at North Memorial Medical Center provide expert acute care to nearly 70,000 people every year. We serve a broad range of patients, including those requiring complex care such as neonatal resuscitation and treatment for heart attacks, stroke, sepsis, and traumatic injuries. Tele-health care is also available for certain patients in remote locations. Read more...

Emergency Heart Attack Care

North Memorial’s Emergency Department and Heart & Vascular Institute, together, provide emergency heart attack care that ranks among the top 5 percent of hospitals in the nation. The primary goal during a heart attack is to open a blocked artery as soon as possible with a specialized balloon and/or stent. The faster the artery is opened, the better the outcome for the patient. The national average for this “door-to-balloon” time is 90 minutes. At North Memorial our average is 45 minutes.

EMS Education

North Memorial EMS Education is one of the largest providers of emergency care training in the upper Midwest, offering a comprehensive program for prehospital care providers, nurses and physicians. Read more...

Endovenous Laser Treatment (EVLT) for Varicose Veins

North Memorial Heart & Vascular Institute offers vascular ultrasound evaluation for patients experiencing symptomatic varicose veins or venous insufficiencies, a condition in which the veins have problems sending blood from the legs back to the heart. If treatment is recommended, our interventional cardiologists use the latest technology known as Endovenous Laser Treatment (EVLT). This procedure may be complimented with sclerotherapy and/or microphlebectomy.

Epidural Steroid Injection

Epidural injection is perhaps the single most useful intervention for chronic pain available at the Interventional Pain Center. The epidural space allows unique access to the spinal cord and nerve roots at every level of the spine. Epidural injections provide a safe, low-risk, nearly painless means of delivering a variety of medications directly to the nervous system. Once delivered into the epidural space, these medications may block pain impulses, stabilize irritated nerve structures, reduce inflammation and swelling, and reverse the biochemical changes that are known to occur within the nervous system when pain persists.

Facet Joint Injection

Facet joints are numerous, with two at each spinal level. These small, delicate joints provide stability and help guide motion. They are prone to injury, deterioration, and inflammation, and they sometimes become sources for chronic neck and back pain. A cervical (neck), thoracic (upper back), or lumbar (lower back) facet joint injection involves injecting an anti-inflammatory medication, such as a steroid, which can numb the facet joints and block the pain. If multiple levels of pain exist within the facets, several injections can be performed to pinpoint the source of pain in each location.

Family Birth Center

North Memorial’s Family Birth Center provides services that help you relax and enjoy a safe and health pregnancy, embrace your birth experience and learn how to care for your baby.

Family Medicine

Through its network of urgent, primary and specialty clinics and two hospitals, North Memorial provides care for all people through every stage of life.

Financial Counseling

We offer free financial counseling services to each patient and family. This includes a complete financial review and detailing of all out-of-pocket obligations. Our financial counselor is experienced in finding appropriate resources that can assist qualifying patients with co-pay obligations, prescription/treatment coverage and household expenses.


North Memorial's six board-certified gastroenterologists -- specialists in the early detection of colon cancer and other digestive tract concerns -- diagnose and treat a wide range of conditions.

General Radiology

X-rays refer to radiation, waves or particles that travel through the air like light or radio signals.  X-ray energy is high enough that some radiation passes through objects (such as internal organs, body tissues, and clothing) and onto X-ray detectors.

Medical X-rays are used to diagnose medical conditions or injuries. They are used in many types of examinations and procedures. Some examples include:

  • X-ray radiography - to find orthopedic damage, tumors, pneumonias and foreign objects
  • Fluoroscopy - to dynamically visualize the body as in a live image


Genetics Program

Our genetics program was created in 1998 to provide risk assessment, genetic counseling and genetic testing services for families seeking information about their cancer risk. Some families have a high cancer risk due to inherited genetic factors. Genetic testing can help these families better understand their risk for cancer and determine the screening and prevention efforts that will be most effective.

Geriatric Care

At North Memorial, we understand that the elderly need a wide range of specialized care, from daily management of chronic conditions to end of life care. That’s why we’ve created a unique model of care with the goal of breaking the readmission cycle that often affects the elderly.

Gift Shop

Whether you're looking for traditional gifts, something more unique or products to support recovery and wellness goals, The Shops at North Memorial have you covered. Patients and visitors alike are welcome to check out our selection.

Grief & Loss Support

Experiencing the death of a loved one is disorienting and extremely difficult for many people trying to cope. We understand the struggle with grief can be lonely and we’re here to help.

Group Physical Therapy

Patients share much of their experience in a group setting, from pre-operative education to post-operative rehabilitation. Patients who undergo joint replacement surgery and participate in group education and physical therapy typically demonstrate quicker increase in mobility. Family members or friends can act as coaches, helping to provide motivation throughout recovery. Along with the patient, they learn how to perform home exercises that will help lead to a faster return to normal activities.


North Memorial provides gynecologic screening exams through North Memorial Clinic and gynecologic surgical services through North Memorial Medical Center. Additionally, our Women’s Wellness Shop supports women during maternity and through menopause.

Heart Safe Communities

The purpose of North Memorial's Heart Safe Communities Program is to make the community a safer place to live, work and play by placing public access automated external defibrillators (AEDs) throughout the community.


Hematology includes the study, diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the blood. Our physicians, who specialize in hematology and oncology, evaluate and treat patients with abnormalities of the blood, such as anemia, bleeding and clotting disorders. Read more...

Home Health

North Memorial Home Care provides patient care in the comfort of one's own home or assisted living environment. We believe in a coordinate approach to care and work together with the patient, family and doctor to create a care plan that meets the patient's needs.

Home Infusion Services

A partnership with Fairview Home Infusion, North Memorial Home Infusion provides the intravenous (IV) administration of medicines and nutrition for patients with a wide range of health concerns including pain management, dehydration, nutrition deficiencies, infections, diabetes or cancer – in the comfort and convenience of their home.


Life experiences such a a terminal illness, dying, and death are often the most challenging that people face. Such experiences can result in people feeling like they have lost control of their life story. By providing knowledge, comfort, and support, North Memorial Hospice assists patients and their loved ones in continuing to be the authors of their life stories.

Hospice Care

If the focus of care shifts from active treatment to supportive and comfort care, we have hospice services available. This care is provided in the best and most comfortable environment, including your own home, a private hospital setting or a residential hospice facility.


From x-rays and ultrasounds to 64-slice CT and 3-T MRI, North Memorial offers a wide range of diagnostic exams that are provided using leading-edge equipment and interpreted by specialty-trained Radiologists.

ImPACT Concussion Assessment

Our accredited, award-winning Concussion Management Program uses highly-regarded ImPACT software to provide baseline testing as well as post-concussion testing at locations in Elk River and Maple Grove.

Infectious Disease Clinic

North Memorial Infectious Disease physicians now see outpatients in clinic in the Trauma and Multispecialty Clinic on the plaza level of North Memorial Medical Center.

Injury Prevention

North Memorial collaborates with community partners to provide injury prevention education on various topics to the communities we serve.  Some of the current initiatives include: bike helmet safety, water safety, youth drug and alcohol prevention, child passenger seat education, violence prevention and childhood injury prevention.

Inspire® OSA Therapy

The first-line of defense for sleep apnea is continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) machines. Patients wear a mask that keeps the airway open by blowing air into the nose and mouth during sleep. CPAP is not effective, however, if patients do not wear their mask or cannot tolerate the therapy. Inspire® upper airway stimulation therapy may be an appropriate alternative to CPAP for certain patients.

Intensive Aphasia Program

Medical research indicates intense therapy over a short period of time can improve speech and language abilities for stroke patients with aphasia. North Memorial has the first Intensive Aphasia Program in our region and is one of only six IAP programs in the world.

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Internal Medicine

Internal Medicine is a medical specialty that addresses multiple and complex chronic conditions common to adult patients, such as cardiac issues, diabetes, obesity, and hypertension. North Memorial’s practice focuses on the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of these and other conditions.

Interventional Radiology

Interventional radiology is a specialty of radiology in which image-guided procedures are used to diagnose and treat a multitude of diseases across all body systems. A catheter or probe is advanced in the body to treat at the source of the disease non-surgically.


Each North Memorial Clinic site offers on-site lab services.  This service saves time and offers the convenience, safety and confidentiality of on-site testing and review.  Typical lab services address general health screenings, pregnancy testing, diabetes work, cancer screens and more.

Laboratory - Hospital

Our full-service laboratory provides high quality clinical and pathology testing and outstanding service to our community partners, using the most advanced instrumentation and technically proven methodologies.

Lactation Consultation

North Memorial’s certified lactation consultants guide you every step of the way through your breastfeeding journey, while you’re in the hospital and after you go home.

Lung Cancer Program

As one of the only specialized programs in the metro area, the North Memorial Cancer Center's Lung Cancer Program offers patients with lung cancer and their families a comprehensive, coordinated approach to care. Read more...

Magnetic Resonance Imaging - MRI

An MRI machine creates cross-sectional images of the body without the need for radiation. An MRI uses a magnetic field and radio waves and is an extremely effective way of evaluating a variety of medical conditions.

North Memorial's 3T MRI is accredited by the American College of Radiology.

Maternal Fetal Medicine

Our maternal-fetal medicine program offers a comprehensive range of personalized high-risk obstetrical care, fetal diagnosis and treatment services for women with special medical and obstetrical conditions. Our physicians and staff can provide specialized testing, monitoring and treatment for both you and your baby before delivery.

Medial Branch Block

Medial Branch Blocks are used as a diagnostic tool and usually give temporary relief of pain symptoms. Medial branch nerves are small nerves that feed out from the facet joints in the spine and carry pain signals from those joints. Facet joint injections are often used to identify a pain source; however, these injections do not always provide lasting pain relief. In such cases, it is beneficial to confirm that the facet joint is the source of a patient's pain. A medial branch nerve block temporarily interrupts the pain signal being carried by the medial branch nerves that supply a specific facet joint. If the patient has the appropriate duration of pain relief after the medial branch nerve block, that individual may be a candidate for radiofrequency neurolysis.

Men's Health - Primary Care

Primary care addresses health and wellness at every stage of life.  From mere routine care to the management of complex or chronic conditions common in older men, North Memorial family providers are experienced in treating the full range of men’s health concerns.

Metabolic and Bariatric Weight Loss Surgery

North Memorial Medical Center offers an integrated metabolic and bariatric surgery program to provide comprehensive care, management and planning for surgical weight loss for qualified patients.

Midwifery Care

The Family Birth Place at North Memorial Medical Center is proud to offer a nurse midwife program, which provides primary care to women of childbearing age. In addition to the care we give patients before, during, and after pregnancy and childbirth, the program also focuses on women’s overall health.

Minnesota Public Safety Service Awards

The Minnesota Public Safety Service Awards Program honors individuals who have distinguished themselves through acts of heroism and who might otherwise go unnoticed.

Minor Orthopedic Injuries

Sprains and strains are routinely addressed by family care professionals.  In the case of more complex orthopedic injuries such as complicated fractures and issues that may even require surgery, North Memorial Clinic, St. Anthony has on-site orthopedic specialists available to address the full spectrum of orthopedic injury and care.

MRI Assisted Total Knee Replacement

MRI-assisted total knee replacement customizes knee replacement surgery to each patient. MRI knee images are sent to the manufacturer of the artificial components to analyze and design a cutting guide from the exact specifications of a patient’s knee. The advantages of MRI-guided total knee replacement include shorter operating time, less invasive, a more custom fit and improved balance and stability of ligaments.

Multidisciplinary Cancer Conferences

As part of our accreditation by the American College of Surgeons, we at the Humphrey Cancer Center conduct weekly cancer conferences wherein physicians and multidisciplinary allied health professionals meet to review the details of a patient's disease and define a care plan. Download an article about the Cancer Center's tumor conferences by Medical Director Avanti Mehrotra, MD. 

Music Therapy

More and more joint replacement center patients are seeking alternative therapies to help reduce and manage pain. We offer a variety of alternative or complementary therapies for these patients. Our alternative therapies include pet therapy, music therapy and aromatherapy.

Neonatal Intensive Care Unit

North Memorial’s NICU offers the highest level of care available in the northwest metro for the most critically ill neonate. We offer family-centered developmental care from the birth of the critically ill neonate all the way through discharge.

Nerve Root Block

Injury or damage to peripheral nerves can result in neuralgia, neuritis, and certain neuropathic pain "states" implying that pain is emanating from damaged nerves that are sending inappropriate pain impulses in the absence of an underlying tissue injury. Identification of a damaged peripheral nerve as the source for ongoing pain is possible using nerve block techniques. A nerve root block is an injection placed into the sheath surrounding a nerve root in the spine. The exam uses therapeutic steroid and local anesthetic to decrease pain and inflammation. Pain relief from the procedure varies from minimal to long-term, depending on the specific symptoms.

Newborn, Pediatric and Adolescent Medicine - Primary Care

A life-long relationship with a family provider assures continuity of health at every stage of life.  North Memorial family doctors and health professionals treat all stages of childhood care from vaccinations and routine physicals to the common cold and more.  Regular care through adolescence assures a thorough management of a young person’s health and well being.

North eCare

  1. North Memorial online visits for diagnosis, treatment and prescritions when appropriate to address common health conditions cost $25.

North Lodge Guest House

The North Lodge offers safe and secure lodging accommodations in a homelike setting for family and friends of any current patient of North Memorial who reside outside the metro area. Rooms are also available to patients and families receiving outpatient treatment at North Memorial. The lodge is conveniently located on the medical center campus, across from the hospital parking ramp.

North Memorial Connect

North Memorial Connect is a medical alert service that provides products that call for help when you or a loved one has an injury, medical event, or safety issue. Events, such as falls, are monitored and reported around-the-clock.

Nuclear Medicine

Nuclear Medicine offers diagnostic examinations for bone, GI, pulmonary, parathyroid and tumor. These images are obtained using a camera to detect radioactive isotopes in the body.

North Memorial Nuclear Medicine is accredited the Intersocietal Commission for the Accreditation of Nuclear Medicine/PET.

Nutrition Counseling

Nutrition counseling is an ongoing process in which a health care professional works with an individual to help master one of the most important prerequisites for good health – a balanced diet. 

Nutrition Services

A healthy lifestyle is extremely important when you have cancer. Food is one of the few things you can be in control of during your treatment. Our registered dietitian is available to assess your nutritional needs and to develop a personalized program to improve your health before, during and after treatment.


Several of our providers offer obstetric care and have delivered many of our patient’s babies. Prenatal care is offered from the first appointment through delivery at North Memorial Medical Center. Prenatal visits begin between 10 and 12 weeks gestation.

Occupational Therapy

North Memorial’s Occupational Therapy is a comprehensive program available to inpatients at North Memorial Medical Center and to outpatients at two convenient locations.  

Oncology Pharmacy

The oncology pharmacy offers prompt on-site services to our patients. Functioning as both an infusion and retail pharmacy, we are able to provide all of the medication needs of the cancer patient. Read more...

Palliative Care

Palliative care addresses the emotional, physical, practical, and spiritual issues of cancer. This care is provided from the time of diagnosis and throughout the course of illness. We have a specialist on staff who provides these services, allowing patients the care necessary for both mind and body.

Palliative Home Health Care

North Memorial’s Palliative Home Health Care helps individuals with advanced or serious diseases experience the best possible quality of life possible. We provide palliative care throughout the course of an illness and at any stage in any illness.

Pediatric Occupational, Physical and Speech Therapy

At North Memorial Rehabilitation Services, our interdisciplinary team of rehabilitation professionals provides pediatric occupational therapy, physical therapy and speech therapy for children from birth to 18 years of age at three convenient locations in Maple Grove, Elk River and Robbinsdale.

Pharmacy, Maple Grove

Conveniently located on the Maple Grove Hospital campus, the North Memorial Pharmacy can fill prescriptions for patients as they leave their doctor’s office or are discharged from the hospital.  

Physical Therapy

North Memorial’s Physical Therapy is a multi-disciplinary program that helps pediatric and adult patients improve their function and overall quality of life.


From podiatric consultation to foot and ankle surgery, North Memorial’s podiatry services are available at 11 clinics across the metro.

Positron Emission Tomography CT

PET/CT provides full PET and CT scanning ability. PET scanning involves the injection of an isotope which identifies areas of increased glucose activity. These areas of increased activity indicate rapid cell growth and potential tumors. Images from both exams can be fused to provide a high level of accuracy in diagnosing tumors.

North Memorial PET/CT is accredited the Intersocietal Commission for the Accreditation of Nuclear Medicine/PET   

Pre-Operative Total Joint Education

The Joint Replacement Center offers free weekly pre-operative classes for patients who are having total joint replacement and those who are considering the procedure.

Professional Education

As a Level I Adult Trauma Center and Level II Pediatric Trauma Center we are pleased to provide quality trauma education to providers caring for injured adult and pediatric patients. Learn more about our educational opportunities:

Psychiatric Partial Hospital Program

The Psychiatric Partial Hospital Program (PHP) is as an alternative to inpatient hospitalization. PHP is for people who are transitioning from an inpatient hospital admission or who, without family support, would otherwise need to be hospitalized for mental health concerns.

Pulmonary Rehabilitation

Our accredited pulmonary rehabilitation program provides monitored exercise, education and support to those with chronic lung conditions.

Radiofrequency Neurolysis

In modern medical practice, radiofrequency nerve ablation is a useful treatment option for certain types of chronic pain including head and neck pain from whiplash injury, chronic lumbar facet joint pain, and certain types of neuralgia. Diagnostic nerve blocks are routinely performed as a screening test before nerve ablation by radiofrequency is considered. Radiofrequency neurolysis can be performed as an outpatient procedure.

Reference Laboratory

Our Reference Laboratory serves a variety of organizations, including long-term care and skilled nursing facilities, nursing homes, assisted living facilities, physician offices, clinics, and complementary and alternative medical providers. We offer personalized customer service and consultative support from local pathologists.


We offer access to physical therapy and occupational therapy rehabilitation services. Cancer rehabilitation helps a person with cancer obtain the best physical, social, psychological, and work-related functioning during and after cancer treatment. The goal of rehabilitation is to help a person regain control over many aspects of their lives and remain as independent and productive as possible. Rehabilitation can be valuable to anyone with cancer and those recovering from cancer treatment.

Rehabilitation Services

We understand the strong emotional and physical changes that patients and their families experience because of stroke, head injury and other neurological illness or injuries. It isn't easy to face the challenges of disability – North Memorial Rehabilitative Services will help you learn to live life to the fullest.

Respiratory Care

North Memorial’s Respiratory Care department cares for all patient age groups in all stages of diseases and assists patients with many different types of breathing disorders and problems.

Reverse Total Shoulder Replacement

A reverse total shoulder replacement is a relatively new procedure that helps patients with conditions that previously had no solution, such as irreparable rotator cuff tears combined with arthritis. Surgery with a reverse prosthesis – reversing the positions of the ball and the socket – can lessen shoulder pain dramatically and result in improved function in the shoulders.


North Memorial offers rheumatology care on an outpatient basis at clinic locations in the central and eastern metro area.

Sacroiliac Joint Injection

A sacroiliac injection places local numbing medication in the sacroiliac joint (the lower region of your back and buttocks), where your pelvis joins the spine. Once those joints become irritated, they may cause pain in the lower back, buttocks, abdomen, groin, or legs. Cortisone (a steroid) will help to reduce the inflammation that may exist within the joint , thus offering relief from pain.

Sleep Medicine

North Memorial’s Sleep Center is a full-service, AASM-accredited sleep disorder facility staffed by professionals who have special training in sleep medicine. We have locations in Maple Grove and Robbinsdale.

Social Services

Social Services provide support to the patients during their hospital stay and are a part of the multi-disciplinary team that supports the patient and their family.  During a patient's stay on our Psychiatry and Integrative unit (2East), Licensed Independent Clinical Social Workers (LICSW) assist patients by completing Psychiatric Social History and Clinical Assessments in addition to making referrals for medication management and individual therapy appointments for the patients continuing care. 

Spasticity Clinic

Spasticity happens when the muscles are involuntarily and often painfully contracted as a result of stroke or other conditions. North Memorial’s Spasticity Program works closely with those involved in providing stroke care, including physicians, nursing and rehabilitation staff, to develop a plan that’s best for you.

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Speech Pathology

North Memorial’s speech pathology professionals evaluate and treat patients who may have conditions that cause difficulty with communication, thinking and swallowing.

Our program offers comprehensive inpatient and outpatient speech pathology services for pediatric and adult patients, and oversees our Intensive Aphasia and Concussion Management programs.

Speech Support Group

Also called "Coffee and Conversation" our weekly informal speech therapy discussion group allows stroke survivors with aphasia or other communication difficulties to meet in a casual, comfortable setting to practice communication techniques and improve skills. It’s also an opportunity to enjoy a cup of coffee and discuss the daily newspaper, a funny advertisement or even your favorite comic strip. The group meets Mondays from 10 to 11 a.m. in the Sunset Room (Plaza Level, near the cafeteria) at North Memorial Medical Center.

Sports Medicine

North Memorial’s sports medicine specialists treat both the athlete and the weekend warrior for a broad range of sports-related conditions at three clinics across the metro area.

Stellate Ganglion Block

A Stellate Ganglion block is a procedure that involves placing local anesthetic on the nerve ganglion in the neck. The block from the anesthetic increases the blood flow to the arms and hands and is useful in treating pain in the head, neck, arms, or hands.

Stress Testing

A cardiac stress test is a diagnostic tool used to measure adequate blood flow to the heart muscle, assess arrhythmias, check ones' functional capacity and evaluate heart rate and/or blood pressure response to exercise. Stimulation may be achieved via exercise on a treadmill or with IV medication and may be paired with imaging procedures, for example, echocardiogram or nuclear medicine.

Stroke Care, Recovery, Support & Education

When treating a stroke, successful recovery is all about time. Our above average treatment times are delivered by a team of highly-trained professionals and backed by a comprehensive stroke program.

Stroke Patient & Family Education

North Memorial offers two educational opportunities for stroke patients, their care givers and family members.

Know Stroke

Know Stroke is a class is designed for family members whose loved one has survived a stroke. Taught by a North Memorial RN from our Stroke Center, Know Stroke covers signs and symptoms of stroke, risk factors for stroke, follow up with your doctor and information on your stroke medications.


StrokeWise is an in-depth community stroke education course offered twice a year for stroke survivors and their care partners. It provides an opportunity to learn how to prevent and cope with stroke-related problems, learn about self-care strategies and develop a plan to stay healthy after stroke. StrokeWise is held twice a year in the fall and spring; call 763-581-3650 for dates and times. Download a StrokeWise brochure.

Stroke Support Group (Discovery Circle)

We know it is important for you and those close to you to receive education and support after having experienced a stroke. There is no way to eliminate all the emotions and uncertainties, but when you speak with others who share similar feelings and experiences, you can gain new insight and strength at a time when you most need it. Discovery Circle, our stroke support group, meets the second Monday of each month from 7 to 8:30 p.m. (except July and August). Meetings are held at the Stroke Center, located on the Plaza Level of North Memorial Medical Center. Download a 2014 program calendar.


At North Memorial, we offer the expertise and technology needed to provide outstanding inpatient and outpatient surgical care. Our skilled team of registered nurses, surgical technicians, and anesthesia personnel perform over 10,000 surgical inpatient and outpatient procedures a year in 19 state of the art surgical suites including an endovascular suite and lithotripsy.

Surgical Care - Trauma

Our specialized, 24-7 surgical capabilities include:

  • Board-certified general surgeons with added qualifications in surgical critical care
  • Complex vascular surgery
  • Minnesota’s premier plastics and reconstructive surgery team
  • Neurosurgeons with a special interest and demonstrated commitment to trauma
  • Treatment of complex pelvic fractures and other high-energy orthopedic injuries
  • Unique interventional radiological capabilities such as our dedicated endovascular suite

Telehealth Program

Telehealth is a service that ensures patients in community hospitals have access to North Memorial’s medical expertise. Using sophisticated technology that includes a computer and medical-grade camera, specialists at North Memorial can remotely assess and treat patients identified as requiring complex or emergency care, such as a stroke, virtually anytime.

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TotalCare for Seniors

North Memorial Health Care, well-known for our expertise in caring for seniors, now offers TotalCare. Through TotalCare, our geriatric specialists work with patients and their families to give seniors the best possible healthcare in long-term care, transitional care, assisted living and hospice settings to prevent unnecessary hospitalizations.

Traditional Hip, Knee and Shoulder Replacement

Joint pain and stiffness caused by conditions like ostheoarthritis and dysplasia can negatively impact quality of life and overall health for these individuals. If treatment such as weight control, physical therapy or medication fail to relieve pain, surgery may be the best option.

Trauma Services

North Memorial is among the select hospitals in the Upper Midwest operating a Trauma Center with Level I Trauma verification – the highest a trauma center can achieve.

Trigger Point Injection

Trigger points are tender areas within skeletal muscle that may result from primary abnormality of the muscle itself, or as a secondary phenomenon when nerves that supply muscles become irritated. Pain from trigger points may be mild or severe. When trigger point pain is severe and refractory to conservative measures, trigger points may be injected with steroids using tiny needles of variable lengths placed through the skin and into the substance of the muscle. Five to ten trigger points may be injected in one session. Many patients respond with long lasting benefits from a single session of trigger point injections.


Ultrasound utilizes high frequency sound waves to look at certain areas of the body. Examinations include obstetrics, gynecology, abdominal and vascular imaging.

North Memorial Ultrasound is accredited by the American College of Radiology and the Intersocietal Commission for the Accreditation of Vascular Laboratories.

Urgent Care

North Memorial’s Urgent Care is staffed by medical doctors and advanced practice providers.  We treat a wide range of conditions requiring urgent attention, from colds to broken bones.


Some urologic issues such as the treatment of urinary tract infections are commonly addressed by family care doctors and health professionals. North Memorial Clinic, St. Anthony, and Specialty Clinic at Minnetonka Medical Center have urologists on staff address more complicated urologic issues such as urinary incontinence. These specialists also assess urology concerns that may be connected to other health matters.

Vascular Ultrasound

Vascular ultrasound is a non-invasive procedure that uses sound waves to examine blood flow within the arteries and veins. North Memorial Heart and Vascular Institute offers vascular ultrasound services at our four clinic locations and three outreach locations.

Weight Loss - Primary Care

Weight management is essential for short- and long-term well being.  Proper nutrition and exercise both contribute to the achievement and maintenance of appropriate weight.  Your North Memorial health professional helps you manage weight and other associated indicators such as BMI (body mass index) blood sugar (glucose) levels, and blood pressure that together are important to manage at healthy levels.  North Memorial also offers a weight loss blog that provides multiple insights on weight management.

Women's Breastfeeding Shop

North Memorial’s Women’s Breastfeeding Shop offers a broad range of products to meet a breastfeeding morther's needs.

Women's Health - Primary Care

From early stages of adolescence through graceful aging, we are familiar with all stages of women’s health.  Our patients also have access to specialists depending on their unique needs.  Overall, a trusted relationship with your primary care professional avails a trusted resource for addressing common and emerging conditions.

Wound, Ostomy and Continence

North Memorial offers 20 years of service and expertise in the assessment and treatment of these sensitive conditions.