North Memorial’s Emergency Expertise Coming to Blaine

North Memorial, in partnership with Multicare Associates, will be opening the North Memorial Urgency Center at Blaine Medical Center on April 29. The Urgency Center will be similar to a fully-equipped emergency department staffed by physicians from North Memorial’s Level I Trauma Center and be the first of its kind in the Blaine area.

Here, Amy Kolar, MD, explains the Urgency Center. Click here for more videos.

The Urgency Center will possess many of the capabilities found in a hospital emergency department and be prepared to care for many of the same illnesses and injuries that an emergency room treats – including chest pain, sports injuries, kidney stones, broken bones, cardiac arrest, pneumonia, abdominal pain and concussions. When necessary, Urgency Center physicians can transfer patients to North Memorial Medical Center in Robbinsdale or other appropriate facilities.

“The Urgency Center will allow us to treat almost every kind of emergency except those requiring a transport by ambulance, such as cases of severe trauma,” says Amy Kolar, M.D., medical director of North Memorial’s Emergency Department. “For many things that people traditionally go to the emergency room for – such as joint dislocation, broken bones, abdominal or chest pain, etc. – they can go to the Urgency Center instead.”

Approximately three out of four people who go to hospital emergency departments in Minnesota do not end up being admitted, yet they may have to endure hours of waiting. “By providing emergency services in an out-of-hospital setting, we’ll be able to provide definitive care to a wide range of people at a lower cost with added convenience and efficiency,” says Dr. Kolar.

Urgency Center physicians will focus on high-acuity cases, but will also be able to provide services traditionally associated with urgent care such as the treatment of sore throats, ear infections and simple wounds. Multicare Associates, whose clinic is adjacent to the Urgency Center, can also provide Urgent Care treatment but will focus on the less severe cases.

“This partnership is the best of both worlds for residents of the Blaine area,” notes Matt Brandt, CEO, Multicare Associates. “We are providing world-class emergency room services at a lower cost, conveniently closer to home.” 

The Urgency Center will be located on Highway 65 and be open seven days a week from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m.