Keeping Our Communities Healthy

by North Memorial

Our core, daily work revolves around our mission to give our patients and their families compassionate, remarkable care. As a medical system with two hospitals and a full range of outpatient and community care, it is obviously not a surprise that North Memorial’s work is focused on health care and improving the well-being of our patients.

But our efforts go beyond the walls of our facilities – we believe that building strong, healthy and safe communities is also part of our work. We partner with neighborhood groups, schools, non-profits, chambers of commerce, and local governments to make our communities the best they can be.

We partner with these groups not only because it is the neighborly thing to do, but this support – either through financial donations or other outreach – ultimately improves the health of our communities. Which is why we are excited to be part of the “Birdtown” movement in Robbinsdale, where our primary campus has been located for 60 years.

A number of Twin Cities publications have written about Robbinsdale’s evolving transformation,pointing out that the area has maintained its small-town character while flourishing as a first-ring Twin Cities suburb. Descriptors such as hip and cool are not uncommon these days in Robbinsdale. A recent example of this transformation was the city’s inaugural run series, which we were thrilled to support as the presenting sponsor. Dubbed the Birdtown Half Marathon, the race drew nearly 650 runners and the proceeds supported the Heart of Robbinsdale Community Foundation and their mission to support and enrich the quality of life in Robbinsdale.

Businesses and individuals, whether they are our patients or not, thrive in healthy communities – supporting events like the Birdtown Marathon that promotes wellness and healthy living, while also contributing to the community’s foundation really is hip and cool.

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