Institutional Review Board

Our Institutional Review Board (IRB) was created to protect the rights and welfare of human subjects participating in research at North Memorial Medical Center. The board provides this protection by a careful review of the proposed research and of the informed consent document.


The philosophy of the committee is that, to be approved, research must be ethical and there must be clinical equipoise. This latter principle means that there must be genuine uncertainty in the medical community about the regimen to be tested and that the study must be designed so that at its successful completion equipoise, or the status quo, will be disturbed.

Research must conform to a set of principles known as "Good Clinical Practice" and all applicable federal regulations.

So that consent is truly "informed" the informed consent document must be clear, easy to read by the potential subject, and contain all the elements required by federal regulations.

Conducting Research at North Memorial

Investigators who wish to conduct research at NMMC or those affiliated with the center who wish to use the services of the NMMC Investigational Review Board can click on the following links for further information.

Click here to download a Research Review Application.