Design My Weight Loss Program

Design My Weight Loss Plan

A well-designed eating plan is the key to weight loss success. North Memorial supports the ChooseMyPlate program issued by the Departments of Agriculture (USDA) and The Center for Nutrition Policy and Promotion. Their interactive website can help you to set up and monitor your plan for weight loss.

Prefer a personal approach? North Memorial has a registered dietitian ready to work with you.

Three Steps to Healthy Weight Loss

  1. Choose a Method That Works For You.Set up your weight loss plan online or in person with a North Memorial registered dietitian. Choose the method that works best for you or combine both options to maximize results.
  2. Plan Healthy Meals.Meal plans help take the guesswork out of eating.
  3. Organize a Grocery Shopping List.Preparing healthy meals is easier when the right ingredients are on hand. Use this list to shop for foods that will support healthy weight loss.


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