da Vinci Robot Assisted Surgery

The da Vinci® advanced surgical systems allow surgeons to perform delicate and complex operations through just a few small incisions. Surgeons view the surgical site through a sophisticated vision system that enables them to see a patient’s anatomy magnified in high definition and 3D.

A number of procedures can be performed with da Vinci, including certain gynecologic, urologic, thoracic and cardiovascular surgeries, across multiple patient populations. Because of the minimally invasive approach, this technology helps improve patient outcomes - including less pain and blood loss, and shorter lengths of stay.

With the upcoming addition of the da Vinci Xi, North Memorial will be the only health system in the Twin Cities with this advanced technology, outside of an academic setting. In addition, Maple Grove Hospital will be expanding surgical capabilities with the addition of the da Vinci Si.

This short video demonstrates how the da Vinci surgical system works.