A Wellness Shop Just for Women

by North Memorial

Herbs to boost a mother’s milk supply? Special garments specifically designed to avoid aggravating surgical incisions or scars? The crème de la crème of breast pumps? They’re not the kind of products you’d expect to find just anywhere. Fortunately, however, they’re available at the North Memorial’s Women’s Wellness Shop, along with expertise from professionals most knowledgeable about the needs of women.

The shop offers a variety of products that cater to the needs of new mothers. This includes three main herbals to help new mothers with their milk supply: a tea from Fairhaven, "Mother Love," and a moringa herbal, the shop’s newest product.

"North Memorial has a Level III NICU and it is essential for the babies cared for in the NICU to have their mother’s milk," says Jill Zimmerman, RN, lactation consultant. "It’s a lot more challenging when you have a premature baby or multiple babies to get your milk in, so having products that help mothers with milk supply is important and a great service to our patients."

In addition to herbals, the shop carries breast pumps and special underwear and bras. The underwear is designed for women who have undergone various surgical procedures, such as abdominal surgery. The shop also has ointments and creams that help with the healing process of surgical wounds.

The Women’s Wellness Shop is distinguished from other shops by the counseling provided to patients. Along with Zimmerman, lactation consultant Evelyn Lindholm, RN provides helpful advice to patients and customers.

"In the 15 or 30 minutes we spend working with a new mother trying on a bra, we know what her milk supply is, if she’s experiencing soreness and if there are any problems," said Lindholm. "We quickly form a relationship that allows us to help new mothers with any other issues they may have."

The shop prides itself on offering the kind of products and services for families that they may not be able to find elsewhere. The shop also provides a convenient drive-up service. Customers can place their orders in advance and pick up their items in the patient-discharge area.

The Women’s Wellness Shop is located in Room 348 at North Memorial Medical Center. To speak with a lactation consultant, call 763-581-8347. You can also find the shop online.

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